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Hey everyone, I’m Andy. I live in Vancouver, Canada and I know we all want to protect ourselves and our loved ones all the time. Everyone’s been talking about “The Big One” hitting us anytime soon. For those that don’t know what that’s referring to, it’s the big earthquake (magintude 8.0 or bigger) that scientists have been predicting for years that WILL hit the west coast of North America. There has been a lot of talk about it lately, especially with the blockbuster hit San Andreas featuring “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson which came out in theaters in 2015. The movie shows just how devastating “The Big One” could be. After the movie came out, it smacked a sense of reality into people and earthquake kits were selling out everywhere. Who wouldn’t want to be prepared and protect themselves and their loved ones?

San Andreas FaultThe San Andreas Fault is the widely known fault along the west coast of California and was the cause of the “Great Earthquake” in San Francisco in 1906 that wiped out 80% of the city but scientist have discovered an even more deadly area called the Cascadia Subduction Zone which is on the North West coast of North America. It is VERY deadly and is capable of making an earthquake 30 TIMES BIGGER than that created by the San Andreas! It’s a scary thought if you think about it. In fact, the Cascadia already made history by causing the largest earthquake on the continental US back in January 26, 1700. So keep in mind that an action as simple as purchasing an earthquake kit can save your life! Remember that it’s not a matter of IF it will happen but WHEN.

The sad truth is, if movies like San Andreas didn’t come out most people wouldn’t even make any thought of getting an earthquake kit. And even if they do, they usually think “Oh, it’s too expensive” or “I’ll get one NEXT time”. Well, in most cases “next time” never comes and people end up not protecting their families. I understand that in this day and age everyone is “too busy” either with family, friends, work, and several other things and it’s easy to “forget” or put off buying an earthquake kit. I want everyone to be prepared and protected. I want to bring awareness to even a few people so hopefully in turn they will bring awareness to others. I don’t want any of you to have any regrets and say “OMG, I SHOULDA bought an earthquake kit!” when an earthquake actually hits. By then it would be too late and there could have BIG consequences and unfortunately even losses. An earthquake kit is a small price to pay if you see the value in it as it can save lives.

Earthquake KitNow that I got your interest, there are hundreds of different types of earthquake kits out there and this site contains reviews for various earthquake kits and survival supplies to help you make the decision of which is best for you. Experts suggest you should have a 72 hour kit (3 days) to ensure your survival when a big earthquake hits. On the first day of the earthquake there will be chaos (communication lines down, no power, roads blocked with debris or even cracked wide open). Hopefully the rescue team in your area are quick to organize and start their rescue efforts but keep in mind that thousands, if not several thousands, of people will be in need of assistance, not just you. It may take several days for the rescue team to finally reach you so it’s very important to have enough supplies to survive. There are as much as 50 earthquakes per day in the US. Most of them are small and go unnoticed but an earthquake kit may come in handy even if an earthquake not as devastating as “The Big One” hits.

Check out my blog for more resources on how to prepare for an earthquake and what to do when an earthquake hits along with other bits of information to help keep yourself educated and prepared.

Enough of my ramblings. My goal is to keep as many people educated and safe when an earthquake hits. I know I’m just one person and having this site helps me spread the awareness but I would appreciate it if you can help me spread the awareness of earthquake safety as well. Something as simple as keeping an earthquake kit stored away in the closet can be the difference in keeping your family safe.

Stay SAFE and be PREPARED!



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