GO|STAY|KIT – Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Kit

GO|STAY|KIT - Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Kit

Today I’ll be reviewing the GO|STAY|KIT which in my opinion is a necessity in all emergency kits as it helps you keep things organized and make vital information readily available without having to fumble through folders and papers.

Go Stay Kit

What is GO|STAY|KIT?

GO|STAY|KIT, which I’ll be referring to as GSK throughout the blog, was initially designed to help vulnerable populations such as seniors or people with disabilities as medical and personal information is vital for emergency responders to have in the case they need treatment. If they are allergic or have a history of any medical conditions, emergency personal will know right away. This saves valuable minutes that can be wasted looking up  via internet or phone for their information especially when communication lines could be down.

GSK contains a series of tabs (1 to 8) that contain important information about you all in one convenient place. It’s very compact and easy to use and you’ll be happy to know that 20% of their earnings go to help those in need so although you are helping yourself by buying one, you’re indirectly helping others as well.

Oh, did I mention it’s waterproof? Yup, so even if it gets wet, your information will be there ready to be used at a moments notice. Now let’s see what’s inside.

TAB 1: Instructions & Your Photo

TAB 1: Instructions & Your PhotoThis first tab gives you instructions on how to use the GSK and allows you to add necessary personal and medical information. There’s also a plastic pouch available where you can store photographs of your service animal, pet, or even yourself.This can be useful in the event your pet gets scared and runs away and needs to be found. Luckily you’ll have a photo of them which can be scanned or duplicated and passed around to help reunite with them faster.

Since this is the first page, it’s what emergency responders will first look at so they have a “The most important thing to know about me is…” section where you can briefly describe any medical conditions or allergies that they may need to know about before giving you treatment.

TAB 2: Emergency Phone Numbers

TAB 2: Emergency Phone NumbersOn this second tab you’ll find a section where you can add important contacts like your family members, friends, caregiver, doctor, or pharmacist. There’s also a plastic pouch in case you have more contacts to add, in which case you can write them on a piece of paper and add it to the pouch.

Remember that even though you might know these numbers by heart or have them on your cell phone it’s important to write them down. You may be in a rush to evacuate that you won’t have time to reach for your cell phone, or you may get dazed and can’t concentrate because of all the panic, or you may become unconscious in which case emergency responders will quickly be able to notify your emergency contacts listed in the GSK.

TAB 3: Your Medicine

TAB 3: Your MedicineLike I mentioned before, it’s really important that emergency responders have access to your medical history before giving you treatment. There are ten white pages where you can list all your current medications as well as a plastic pouch where you can add prescription details or any other document concerning your medical history.

Without your medical history, treatment can actually make things worse. For example if you are allergic to a certain drug and they provide treatment with that drug because they don’t know your medical history, it can potentially be life-threatening.

TAB 4: Your Important Papers

TAB 4: Your Important PapersDuring natural disasters or emergencies important documents can be easily lost or destroyed. It’s also likely that you’ll be rushing so you won’t have time to go dig through drawers and folders to get those documents when evacuating your home.

This section again contains a plastic pouch that allows you to store copies of important documents. Some of these may include medical records, identification, insurance papers, or other documents that are important to you.

TAB 5: Emergency Supply “Go-Kit”

TAB 5: Emergency Supply “Go-Kit”If you ever have to evacuate, this page gives you a good checklist of what personal items you may need. This checklist is more catered to seniors and the elderly so some suggested items may include a spare pair of eye glasses, contact lenses, and medication.

TAB 6: Emergency Supply “Stay-Kit”

TAB 5: Emergency Supply “Go-Kit”Sometimes you will have to stay at your home during disasters and it’s recommended that you have enough supplies to last you 72 hours (3 days). This page provides a good checklist on what items you may need if you were to stay at your residence such as bottled water, blankets, and a flashlight. You can also check out what other things you may need from my checklist.

TAB 7: Your I.D. Bands

TAB 7: Your I.D. Bands

This section contains removable wristbands that have the same barcode as your kit. This ensures that you are linked to your medical information inside the GO|STAY|KIT in the event you are with a group of people with GO|STAY|KITs.

These tags can also be attached to personal items like luggage, your pet’s collar, and medical equipment.

TAB 8: Shelter or Medical Car Point Use ONLY

TAB 8: Shelter or Medical Care Point Use ONLYThe form contained in this tab is use by health care professionals only. DO NOT take them out of your kit or attempt to fill them out yourself. These forms are provided by the American Red Cross and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and are used by intake personnel who will be assisting you if you are moved into an emergency shelter facility.

HELP/OK: Door Tag

HELP Door TagOK Door Tag

These removable door tags help emergency personnel quickly identify whether you need help or not. Place the tag on your front door or your window so it’s easily spotted. During disasters we need to use the available emergency responders efficiently so if you don’t need help, make sure they know this so they can move on to other homes where assistance may be needed.

Who Should Have One

Like I mentioned these kits were initially made for the elderly or people with disabilities as all their medical history and important information about them are all in one convenient place. That being said, everyone can benefit from having one of these. It’s not only elderly or people with disabilities that have allergies or have to take medication so having that information available in time of crisis is a necessity.

If you are in a group home or are taking care of seniors or people with disabilities I strongly suggest you get one of these kits. It would be a nightmare managing everyone’s medical records in a crisis all at once but if each individual had their GSK then it’s no hassle at all and the information is available immediately. It’s always better to be prepared in advance than to scramble and waste precious seconds trying to find information. If you have one of these in your emergency kit then you’re all set and protected.

Where to Get One

You can get you own GO|STAY|KIT HERE or If you want to do a bulk group order you can contact steve@gostaykit.org or call 541-210-6094 to see if your order qualifies for a bulk discount. Keep in mind that they have both an English and Spanish version.

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Final Thoughts

Having information on hand at a time of crisis is priceless. When you are faced with danger you panic and will be in a rush to get out. You won’t have time to think about where things are or what things you need so it’s important to have things organized and prepared ahead of time. The GO|STAY|KIT helps you have all vital information in one place so there’s no scrambling around for individual documents and records.

If you are in need of treatment it’s necessary for emergency personnel to know of any allergies or medical conditions you may have otherwise it could make the situation even worse. If an emergency contact needs to be contacted, the GSK quickly provides this information so there isn’t a minute wasted. I highly recommend you getting one and keeping it in your earthquake kit so all you have to do is grab the kit and go as all you need is already in there. Protect yourself and your loved ones.

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  1. Dinh

    This is a great kit for emergencies. I have done some training for emergency training and have a kit that I made up for myself but nothing like the GSK.
    I like the bar code tags so that you know what goes with what. The GSK is nicely organized for easy access when in emergency. Do you recommend it to store the kit at home or in the car?

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Yeah the GSK is pretty handy for emergencies. I suggest you keep it where you’ll be most. Earthquakes are unpredictable so you never know where you’ll be when it strikes. A good place to put it is definitely in your earthquake kit so you only have to grab one thing when you’re going out the door. You may also consider getting a second set for your car or even office. Maybe you can even get your company to sponsor them and get one for all the employees to help everyone be safe.

  2. Andrea

    When there is a natural disaster or an emergency situation, everything is in chaos and people are not thinking as logically. So this is definitely a useful thing to have, especially since it is so clearly marked. Do they come in other languages?

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Currently they come in English and in Spanish. Not sure if they have plans to have it in other languages but I guess it depends on the demand.
      They are a non-profit company and 20% of their earnings go to help those in need. I spoke to the CEO and he’s very passionate about helping others.
      Hopefully they will be able to spread these kits so more people can be safe.


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