Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Hits Myanmar-India Border

6.9 Myanmar Earthquake

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit Myanmar (Burma) today near the city of Mawlaik today (April 13, 2016). Tremors were felt as far as Kolkata (372 miles/600 km away), India where buildings were evacuated as a safety precaution.

Burma Earthquake

Courtesy of USGS

So far, it has killed 9 people and injured over 200. As this just happened, the numbers may grow as more reports come in. Several buildings were damaged including hospitals which may hamper treating those injured.

People were in a panic as they ran from their homes in Bangladesh and Nepal.

This area is affected by the continuing collision between the Indian and Eurasian continental plates near the Himalayas. There are several fault lines and this area has had a number of earthquakes in the past.

Last year on April 25, Nepal was devastated by a magnitude 7.6 earthquake that killed around 9,000 people.

I keep saying this over and over, please be prepared and please have an earthquake kit ready just in case. Safety is priority.


  1. Daryl

    The Chinese and Japanese figured out how to make buildings that were earthquake proof, The ancient Minoans (allegedly the inspiration for Atlantis and its civilization) also built 3-storey buildings that were earthquake resistant. It doesn#t appear that similar building technologies were developed in other earthquake-prone regions. Any idea why that might be the case?

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Hi Daryl,
      Yes, buildings have been improved over the years to be more earthquake resistant but there aren’t really “earthquake proof” buildings.
      Even in the recent devastating 2011 earthquake that struck Japan buildings were damaged.
      I think that other countries haven’t really adopted these recent improvements probably because most of the buildings are already built and standing. It would definitely cost a lot to tear them down and re-build them to make them more earthquake resistant. Unfortunately a lot of countries affected by earthquakes are not rich countries so they don’t have the luxuries of being able to upgrade buildings.
      I’m sure newer buildings would have these improvements in place as building codes in earthquake risk areas would be more strict.

  2. PJ

    Thank you for sharing very important information. I have many friends here in the US from Mynammar and will be worried about their families over there. I really like this site and think everyone should prepare for various natural events such as this very thing… It is very important..

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Hopefully your friends are safe.
      This goes to show that no matter if you live in an area that’s not at risk for an earthquake, you never know if you ever will be traveling to a place that might have one.
      So it’s always a smart thing to at least know what to do in the event an earthquake occurs.

  3. Matt

    Wow, this is scary stuff Andy. It really reminds me of the devastation of nature and makes me grateful to not live near a place with frequent natural disasters of this sort.

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Yeah nature is very powerful. It can strike at anytime and we humans are at its mercy. Preparedness and safety is very important.

  4. Maggie

    Those people who were affected by the earth quake must be so frightened. I hope the hospitals and rescue crew are able to mitigate the damage and help as many of those involved as possible. Living in an earthquakes prone are myself makes me realize that i really do need to get some emergency supplies together just in case.

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Yes, you should have one just in case if you’re in an earthquake prone area. You should also be prepared by knowing what to do before, during, and after an earthquake.


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