National Pet Day! Are Your Pets Protected?


Today, April 11, is National Pet Day! We all love our pets and consider them family so why aren’t we prepared for them too?

I’ve talked about having earthquake kits for you and your family but what about your pets? When a major earthquake strikes do you have emergency supplies for them? Have you even thought about that? Chances are, they would be frightened by the event just as you would so having an emergency kit for them along with some comfort toys would be a great way to calm them down. After all, you don’t want them to freak out and start running and never come back.

So What Should I Prepare?

Pet First Aid Kit

First of all, you need a Pet First Aid kit. The one pictured above from Amazon is one of the most comprehensive pet first aid kits around and well priced.

It consists of:

  • Collapsible Water Bowl – 1pc.
  • Waterproof Information Card – 1pc.
  • Pet Safety Guide – 1pc.
  • Antiseptic Povidone – Iodine Prep Pads – 4pcs
  • Hand Sanitizer Prep Pads – 4pcs
  • Sting Relief Prep Pads – 4pcs
  • Alcohol Cleansing Prep Pads – 4pcs
  • Small Gauze Dressing Pad (2″x2″) – 2pcs
  • Medium Gauze Dressing Pad (2″x3″) – 1pc.
  • Tweezers – 1pc.
  • Alcohol Cleansing Prep Pads – 2pc
  • Thermal Foil Emergency Blanket (84 In x 52 In) – 1pc
  • Gloves (Latex Free) – 2pc.
  • Self-Adhesive Wrap (2 In x 5 Yard) – 1pc
  • Whistle – 1pc.
  • Travel Bag – 1pc.
  • Pet Wast Bags – 4pc
  • Emergency Reflective Tape (47 In) – 1pc
  • Waterproof ID Tag – 1pc
  • Emergency ID Collar (30 in) – Writable – 1pc
  • Scissors – 1pc
  • Cotton Swabs/Plastic Applicator – 8pc
  • Tweezers w/Magnifying Glass – 1pc
  • Hard Plastic Storage Case for Tweezers or Pills – 1pc
  • Pill/Specimen Container – 1pc
  • Large Gauze Dressing Pads (4 In x 4 In) – 2pc
  • Instant Cold Compress (4 In x 5 In) – 1pc
  • Self Adhesive Gauze Roll (3 In x 96 In) – 1pc
  • Medium Applicator – 1pc

This Pet First Aid Kit has extra room inside for other necessary items just for your pet. Things like your pet’s favorite treats, favorite toys, medications, special vet instructions, etc. The good thing about this kit is that it’s not specific to a certain type of pet. You can use it on dogs, cats, or any other pet.

Cute Kitten

Along with the Pet First Aid Kit you should also prepare the following:

  • Current photos of your pets – in case they run off and you need help locating them
  • Copies of vaccination records
  • Contact info for your veterinarian – in case your pet needs emergency help
  • Leash
  • Pet food
  • Manual can opener
  • Treats – for calming them down
  • Water

Remember that your pets count on you. Don’t expect rescue centers to have supplies for your pets, make it your responsibility. Also, with small animals, make sure they have individual carrying cases. Even if they are mellow, they may flee and get lost when frightened.

With proper preparation, you can help ensure your pet’s safety. As a pet owner it’s your obligation to be prepared for them since they are unable to prepare for themselves.

Let’s take the time to prepare for them as you would a family member.

Happy National Pet Day!


Header image modified from Knobiobiwan’s image


  1. David

    What a great idea for a website. Never thought about the need to be prepared in case of a catastrophic event. I will consider it now. Thanks for the post.

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Thanks David! Just trying to spread awareness so more people are safe.

  2. Shawn

    I LOVE this site. I am a big fan of preparedness and survival training. I live in Louisiana and we are under the constant threat of flooding and hurricanes. We should do some guest posting on each others sites. I have an insurance blog that is dedicated to flood insurance and talking about all that goes into being prepared there. I will be saving your site and coming back to check in often!! Best wishes my friend.

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Thanks Shawn!
      I would love to do guest posting on your blog. It’s great that you’re also trying to spread awareness and preparedness to help people be safe.

  3. Emma

    Wow, I never thought about it before. But it is so true! Everyone should have an earthquake kit handy. Its fantastic idea for a blog post!

  4. Kiersten

    That does look like a very comprehensive kit! Do you think canned wet food is the best to store for dogs or cats? I seem to recall hearing somewhere that the dry kibble doesn’t keep well for very long, but I’m not sure if that is accurate.

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Hi Kiersten,

      You’re right, canned food does last longer than dry food. Canned food usually can last for a couple of years if stored in a cool place. On the other hand, dry food may last around 6 months given it’s not open and exposed to air. Once exposed to air it won’t last very long. Either way, just make sure you remember to replace them once they’re nearing expiry.

  5. Andrew

    What a great article Andy.

    In Australia we don’t have many earthquakes, but we are prone to natural disasters. I live in an area that is very susceptible to bushfires.

    We really need to consider our furry friends a bit more.

    Great advice and tips mate.

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Thanks Andrew,
      We take our pets for granted sometimes and overlook things like this. It’s a great reminder to think of them and prepare for them as well since they depend on us.


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