Strong Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Shakes Indonesia

Strong Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Shakes Indonesia

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake shook Indonesia in the early morning of Thursday which sent tremors as far as Singapore, 330 miles (531 km) away. It occurred at 5:56 am west of Sungaipenuh in the ocean but there seems to be no tsunami threats.

There were no reports of casualties or damage as panicked people rushed to the streets fearing their houses would collapse. One witness said:

“When the earthquake struck, we quickly brought the kids out of the house; we are concerned that this earthquake might knock the houses down”

Indonesia Tsunami

2004 Indonesia – Earthquake and Tsunami Aftermath

Indonesia is no stranger to earthquakes as it sits on the seismically violent Ring of Fire. Back in December 2014, just after Christmas, a massive 9.1 earthquake struck the region that sent a tsunami as high as 100 feet (30 meters) and killed over 230,000 people. This was the third strongest earthquake ever to be recorded and inspired a movie called The Impossible starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor which is based on the experience of a survivor and her family.

Goes to show that even if you don’t live in an earthquake zone now, you never know whether you’ll ever be traveling or vacationing to one so it’s always a good idea to at least learn how to be prepared and what to do during an earthquake and tsunami.

Learn About Earthquake Preparedness

Learn About Tsunami Preparedness


  1. Nicki

    Wow, I didn’t even hear about this yet. Thanks for posting so quickly about it.

    What’s wild is that I was suppose to be in Indonesia right now. Last year I booked a trip to Thailand for 15 days and then flying to Indonesia (Bali) on May 30. I’m sure Bali wasn’t affected, but I’m glad I wasn’t there to just in case!

    I still want to make it over to south east Asia, but I guess when visiting countries that are in the Ring of Fire, you always run that risk of being in a earth quake.

    With that said and done, and I need to start packing for my trip to south America. I’ve read your tips on what to do during and after an earth quake, so I feel somewhat prepared in case one hits Peru while I’m there. But I guess you can never really be prepared for something you have never experienced before! But at least knowing the best maneuvers for your safety is a good place to start.

    Thanks for the tips Andy! Hopefully you won’t be writing about any quakes in that region while I’m there!!!

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Awesome Nicki! You should definitely visit South East Asia. It’s a beautiful place and the food is amazing! I’ve been to Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore and I want to visit Cambodia to see the famous Angkor Wat temple.
      Peru is in the Ring of Fire as well so it’s great that you have the knowledge to act quickly and correctly in the event an earthquake occurs no matter where you are on the planet. It’s a very handy thing to have.
      Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

  2. Nicole

    Oh, wow….what a great niche and although the news is saddening, this is very informative. I now feel like I should head over to your Preparedness Page!

    1. Andy (Post author)

      Thanks Nicole! Yeah the sad truth is that disasters occur whether you want them or not. The best thing to do is be prepared. I highly suggest you taking a read at the Preparedness page as it gives you a great overview of what you should do before, during, and after an earthquake.


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