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House after an earthquakeThe goal of this site is to help educate as many people as I can about earthquake preparedness so when “The Big One” or any other major earthquake hits, you and your loved ones will be able to survive. Other than knowing what to do during and after an earthquake, it is vital to have the necessary emergency supplies to ensure that you have enough food and water as well as first aid and other materials to keep you and your family alive. That’s why an earthquake kit or disaster kit is so important to have in the house, car, or even your office. Unfortunately most people don’t have one and aren’t prepared. They read articles like this and think “Oh, it’s too expensive” or “I’ll get one NEXT time”. Well, guess what. “next time” never comes because they get busy with their lives and never think twice about it. This is a BIG mistake. You are risking the safety of you and your family by not having an earthquake kit.
Earthquake Kit

“The Big One” is Coming…

You remember the movie “San Andreas” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that came out in 2015? Well it was a movie about what would happen when “The Big One” hits. Yes, I said “WHEN” not “IF” because scientists predict that it will definitely hit, it’s just a matter of when. Some parts of the movie may have been exaggerated as it’s a Hollywood movie but the potential destruction is REAL. Scientists have been talking about this for years and schools have been prepping children with earthquake drills at school but for some reason people still don’t have an earthquake kit in their homes. After San Andreas the movie came out, earthquake kits were flying off the shelves and were sold out everywhere. The manufacturers and retailers couldn’t keep up with demand. Why? Because after watching the movie, people came to a sense of reality. They saw first hand what kind of destruction an earthquake can cause and they freaked out. They thought “OMG! This can happen at anytime and I’m not prepared!”. “If something like that happened now, I wouldn’t survive. I wouldn’t have any water, food, first aid, blankets, flashlights etc… (the list goes on).

Earthquake road

Roads destroyed. Transportation routes cut off

Just imagine…. buildings crumbling down, communications lines down, fire burning everything, electrical hazards, roads cracking and debris everywhere, flooding, no light, no water, no food, no blanket, no first aid, and you and your family are trapped in your own home not being able to contact anyone for help. That’s a very scary thought. You can imagine how scared everyone would be as the panic sets in and a sense of helpless overcomes you as the lack of preparation left you with nothing. NO food to keep you nourished. NO clean water to keep you hydrated. NO blanket to keep you warm at night. NO flashlight to help you see at night. NO first aid kit to treat those who got injured. NO radio to hear any communication from the outside world. The list goes on. I bet you didn’t realize or even think about all the things that you SHOULD prepare in case an earthquake hits. Well guess what? The right earthquake kit would have ALL those things so you don’t even have to think about what things you need to gather. Who wouldn’t want to be prepared and protect themselves and their loved ones? An earthquake kit is a small price to pay if you see the value in it as it can save lives. Don’t think it’ll happen to you? Well just some information, there are on average 50 earthquakes every day in the US. That’s right, 50! The majority of them go unnoticed but an earthquake kit will come in handy even if an earthquake not as devastating as “The Big One” hits.

Earthquakes are VERY Dangerous

Japan Earthquake

The MASSIVE 9.0 earthquake and tsunami demolished and burned down cities back in 2011

Do you remember the 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015? That killed over 8,000 people. How about the huge 9.0 earthquake in Japan (largest ever to strike Japan) in 2011 that killed almost 16,000 people and triggered tsunamis as high as 90 feet? The 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 killed 316,000 people and left millions homeless. All these occurred in the past decade. Here are the world’s top 25 deadliest quakes that occurred in the past decade. As I mentioned, scientist predict “The Big One” will hit us anytime and will be at least 8.0. The San Andreas Fault, which runs along the coast of California, is more well known and caused the “Great Earthquake” in San Francisco in 1906 that wiped out 80% of the city. Scientist have discovered an even more deadly and lesser known area called the Cascadia Subduction Zone which runs along the north west coast of North America. It is VERY deadly and is said to be capable of making an earthquake 30 TIMES BIGGER than that created by the San Andreas! The Cascadia actually already made history by causing the largest earthquake on the continental US back in January 26, 1700.

Be Prepared!

The danger is REAL. Keep up with my blog posts and check out the earthquake kits to make sure you have the necessary items to keep you safe. Experts recommend getting a 72 hour kit to help you get through disasters such as earthquakes. I’ll also be going through ways to help prepare you for an earthquake and steps you should take during and after an earthquake. Earthquake preparedness and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Make sure you are prepared and keep your family safe.

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