Most people are NOT prepared for a major earthquake.

Do you know what you should do BEFORE an earthquake?

Do you know what you should do DURING an earthquake?

Do you know what you should do AFTER an earthquake?


Do you have an earthquake kit in your house? You’ll most likely say “No”. Let me tell you that an earthquake kit like the one pictured below along with earthquake preparedness and education can save your life! A 72 hour kit is recommended as you should prepare to be self sufficient for at least 3 days before emergency crews arrive for help.

The unfortunate truth is that most people AREN’T prepared! Their mentality is either “it will never happen to me” or “I’ll do it later” but then “later” never happens and they remain unprotected. Earthquakes strike without notice unlike other disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes where you have days to prepare before it strikes and you know when it’s coming.



How would it feel if all communications were down, you were trapped in your home, and either you or a loved one was injured? Well if you didn’t have an earthquake kit I’m sure you’d be in a panic and feel hopeless. NO clean water, NO food, NO medical supplies, NO light. A pretty terrifying experience! It only takes a moment to buy an earthquake kit or build one yourself. After that’s done, you’re PROTECTED! All you have to do is re-supply the perishables such as food and batteries and you’re good to go! Why not spend some time to keep you and your family protected?


Before An EarthquakeOther than buying an earthquake kit, it’s very important to be prepared in advance. There are things that you can do and learn to minimize damage in the event of an earthquake. Earthquake preparedness is key to ensuring your safety and your chances of survival during a major earthquake. You should have regular practice drills so everyone knows what to do. People may become disoriented or in a panic during an earthquake so it’s important for you to react and follow the safety steps.

For more information read What to Do BEFORE an Earthquake.


During An EarthquakeHave you heard of the phrase “DROP! COVER! HOLD ON!“? If you haven’t you should LEARN about it NOW as it may save your life.

Drop Cover Hold On

Like I mentioned before, an earthquake can strike without a moment’s notice. You can be anywhere when it strikes, in your home, in your office, in your car, or even outdoors. Do you know what you should do in each of those environments? Most people know what to do when they are at home, but what if you’re not?

Knowing what to do can minimize injuries and ensure your safety.

For more information read What to Do DURING an Earthquake.


After An Earthquake

The shaking has stopped and you’ve survived. But is it the last of the shaking or will there be dangerous aftershocks that follow? Are you really safe?

What are the steps you should take in the recovery process? Most likely you’ll still be in shock and can’t think properly. Knowing what to do AFTER an earthquake in advance can help you take action faster and more efficiently instead of just standing there in shock not knowing what you should do next. There are a variety of steps you should take.

For more information read What to Do AFTER an Earthquake.


Do you live near the coast? Earthquakes may cause dangerous tsunamis which are huge waves that can destroy anything in its path within seconds. You may recall the devastating tsunami that destroyed Japan when the Great Tohoku Earthquake struck in 2011, causing 133 foot waves and killing over 16,000 people. Or the even deadlier Indonesian tsunami that hit just after Christmas back in 2004 that killed over 230,000 people. Knowing how to prepare for a tsunami and what to do during a tsunami may safe your life.

You can read more about the recent 5 Deadly Earthquakes that ended with several thousand dead and many more homeless.

Read the following sections to better prepare yourself for a deadly tsunami.

What to Do Before a Tsunami
What to Do After a Tsunami
What to Do During a Tsunami

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