Earthquake Kits

Earthquake kits should be stored where anyone can easily access it in an time of emergency. They’ll come in handy when you’re trapped or forced to evacuate and allow you to be less reliant on emergency rescue services if they have a hard time reaching you. You should keep one in your home, another in your car, and another at work as an earthquake can strike at anytime and you never know where you’ll be.

Let’s discuss what are some of the recommended items that you should have in your earthquake kit.

Best Earthquake Kit Review – Top 3 for Your Family of 4

Top 10 Categories for Your Earthquake Kit Checklist


For your Home

It is recommended that you have supplies that will last you at least 72 hours.

Best First Aid Kit For Your Earthquake Kit

LifeStraw – Makes Dirty Water Safe to Drink!

For the Car

Best Emergency Radio/Flashlight For Your Earthquake Kit

For the Office

If you work in an office or are a business owner, you might want to make sure some of these things are in your earthquake kit.

Best Emergency Food That Tastes Great!

Bonus: For your Pets

Most people don’t think about this or overlook this but pets are part of your family too. You should prepare for them since they won’t be able to prepare anything for themselves.

  • Pet first aid kit
  • Current photos of your pets – in case they run off and you need help locating them
  • Copies of vaccination records
  • Contact info for your veterinarian – in case your pet needs emergency help
  • Collar, leash, soft muzzle
  • Pet food
  • Manual can opener
  • Treats – for calming them down
  • Water
  • Water bowl

Where to Store Your Earthquake Kit

Earthquake kits are essential in earthquake preparedness and safety. You should definitely have one at your home, office, and car as you never know where you’ll be when an earthquake strikes. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you’re stuck for days without any supplies to keep you alive. And don’t just think of yourself. Think about your family and loved ones that may be with you when a major earthquake strikes. You want to be prepared so that they will be safe as well.

Learn more about earthquake preparedness and what you should do BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER an earthquake.

What to do BEFORE an Earthquake

What to do DURING an Earthquake

What to do AFTER an Earthquake




  1. Nadeen Robinson

    Hi Andy
    I admire your site. You are pretty young and I see where you have taken this opportunity of creating your site very seriously. Earthquake Kit Guide is pretty informative. The layout, organization , use of videos and images are awesome. Your use of language too is awesome. I can only say you nailed it.
    I must congratulate you on the great effort you have put out to inform us about this sudden attack of earthquakes and how to prepare for it, cope with it and manage after it hits. Its absolutely informative!
    Please continue to do what you do best. thanks.

  2. Andy

    Thanks so much Nadeen!
    Trying to make it as informative as I can so it’ll be easy for someone to learn what it takes to be prepared. Hopefully people will spread the word so more people will know what to do in an earthquake.

  3. Margaret

    I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, where a series of earthquakes caused deaths and a large amount of damage to the city. More than five years on, the city is still only parly rebuilt. I was interested to read the list of contents in your earthquake kits. Mine has most of them – I didn’t think of a dust mask or whistle. I also have a camping stove and cannisters of gas so that I can heat food and boil water. Your advise is very practical and it’s clear you have researched the subject well. People would do well to follow it. You’re doing well.

    1. Andy

      Oh wow! I didn’t know that they are still rebuilding after 5 years. I remember watching it on the news when it happened. So devastating…
      Glad that you have an earthquake kit and are prepared, most people aren’t.
      I’ve added your suggestion of the camping stove and cannisters to the list.

  4. Halide

    Your website is awesome Andy.Earthquakes can happen anytime and anywhere.When we hear about an earthquake,we worry about the people who died or got hurt and then we forget and turn back to our routine lives.Besides, we promise ourselves to prepare an earthquake kit but then neglect it.Thanks for your informative post.There will always be earthquakes somewhere in the world and there is nothing to prevent them. What is important is to take some precautions.

    1. Andy

      Thanks Halide! You’re exactly right, when we hear news about earthquakes we just worry about how many people died or got hurt but do not take action to protect themselves.
      That’s why it’s important to get an earthquake kit now instead of procrastinating and end up never getting one.

  5. Merns

    Hi Andy,

    You have a wonderful site. You really made the effort to give us the information how to handle earthquake. You do not know when the earthquake will strike and your earthquake kit is really helpful. In my country, I wish we can do the same just as what Japan do when there’s an earthquake. Thank you.

    1. Andy

      Thank you Merns! Yes, Japan is well prepared because they experience so many earthquakes. We should definitely learn from them to keep us more safe.

  6. Jassi N

    It is such an informative and useful article for anyone who lives in the earthquake area. I myself spend most of the time in Calif so this kind of kit is a must. You gave much effort thoroughly for this article. And your words are as clear and simple! Good job Andy!

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the comment Jassi! Yeah, California is in a major earthquake zone so having an earthquake kit there is a must. Hope you had a chance to read about earthquake preparedness as well as it contains vital information to keep you safe and tells you what you can do now to prevent injury, what you can do during an earthquake, and what you should do after an earthquake.

  7. Elvio Esposito

    As the saying goes “An image tells more than words”, I think it is very accurate of you to include on the first page a picture of cell phones to testify this phenomenal event.
    As I went further in the reading of your page I was imagining the beginning of a movie. I happened to awake a bit imaginative today, excuse me, LOL. But I was wondering what would have happened if that false alarm would have lasted longer? What reactions would the people have had?

    I think that the 10 Easy Ways to Earthquake Proof your Home section is very informative and may be of real help. I’m not used to earthquakes here in Buenos Aires, but I can appreciate the need of practical advice in a terrible situation like this one that requires practical knowledge and precise actions.

    I really admire the earthquake kits section because you bring solutions, not only information on your site. People are really busy these days and need to solve things and be prepared and to do that you need not just money or devote time to the task but to have thought about it and made some plans. Well, you provide that specific help here and that is a wise marketing move, I mean identifying the need and selling a solution.

    I think it’s really graphic and helpful the broken down steps you post on the Before During and After chapter. Info is not boring, helpful, long enough to be understood and put into practice. It seems that you did a long previous thinking and planning and that you had specific intentions and a goal when you built your web page.

    I also like the choice of colours of your logo although I quite don’t get what it means. To me, it looks like a maze mixed with a shooting target, and a bit like the U2’s Vertigo Logo, in which case it would be very accurate!

    All in all, I think your page is great! Congratulations!.

    1. Andy

      Thanks for your comment Elvio!
      You’re right, I would much rather have false alarms than to have none at all. At least when it is a real earthquake it gives you enough time to take cover and be safe. There have been a lot of major earthquakes already this year and they strike without warning so the best way to keep safe is to be prepared and know what to do during an earthquake. Knowledge is power and if are prepared and know what to do, that can save you and your family’s lives. I’m trying my best to spread this information and I’m glad you enjoyed it =)


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